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Oh Dear - That Was a Mistake.

Posted: October 16, 2020 by Jay L. Ginsberg

What do you do if you have made a choice in decorating and it turns out to be the wrong choice? That is easy problem to solve if it is a paint color you don’t like or a single piece of furniture but what if it’s whole house carpeting? Or ceramic tile in a bathroom?

1.     Change your lighting. If you have chosen a trendy dark colored ceramic tile floor for your kitchen and it seems to be pulling the mood of the room down perhaps it is as simple as changing your bulbs! The daylight bulbs that kept things bright and sunny in your old kitchen may come across as garish with a darker floor. Try switching the bulbs to a different color temperature and see if that helps. Maybe it is just changing from a 40Watt to a 60Watt. Play with the cheap changes first. If it is not the bulbs perhaps you need to add a few more fixtures to add light to a now darker room.

2.    Change the furniture layout – add or subtract. If you have made a major change in flooring or paint color it is the perfect time to rethink your furniture. Especially if you have been collecting furniture for many years it may be time to “Marie Kondo” and decide what belongings still spark joy. It may even be time to rethink your furniture choices entirely!

3.    Add fabric. Dark walls are dramatic but they can be cold and clinical. White walls can be dramatic but they can also be cold and clinical. And a trendy all grey room? Same. You may need to add fabric to soften the mood. Plush draperies hung all the way to the ceiling, throw pillows and blankets or even a change in bedding or upholstery will make a huge difference in the warmth of the room.

4.     Art and mirrors: What cannot be changes can certainly be hidden or at least distracted from. Bold art and bold mirrors can create a different mood. You may decide your choice was not a mistake after all!

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