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5 Romantic Restaurants in Bucks County

Posted: January 01, 2020 by Jay Ginsberg

I'm a romantic guy - ask anybody. And to make my beloved happy I will gladly plan ahead. That's why I encourage you to take a look at these five restaurants so that you can make reservations in plenty of time for that most romantic holiday - Valentine's Day. 

1. Arielle's Country Inn: (Sellersville) Housed in a beautifully appointed historic stone building built in 1754, Arielle's was a stagecoach stop between Philadelphia and Allentown. Candlelight and a crackling fireplace combined with exposed stone and hardwood floors polished by the boots of many travelers makes Arielle's the best place to hold hands and toast the coming year together. 

2. The Black Bass Hotel: (Lumberville) Whether traveling down the Delaware from Route 78 or up from Route 295 the one along the river is one of the prettiest drives you can take. Arguably the jewel of the village of Lumberville is the Black Bass Hotel. Built in the 1740's the hotel has a rich history and is a much photographed Bucks County landmark. Romantically speaking, the stunning dining room views of the Delaware and Lumberville foot bridge have no equal. If Valentine's Day dinner is spent elsewhere then try the Sunday Champagne Brunch. 

3. Cascade the Restaurant at Durham Springs: (Kintnersville) This is not your Mama's Cascade restaurant. If you remember visiting this restaurant "back in the day" you can pack up those memories of musty smell and rubber chicken and throw them away. The Cascade has been completely transformed into a bright and airy space that takes full advantage of the bubbling stream it is know for. Gorgeous views and imaginative menu make it a great new place to try. 

4. Honey restaurant (Doylestown): A small restaurant right in the heart of Doylestown Borough; Honey concentrates on excellence of quality in small plates meant to be shared. If it's Honey you want for for that special day make your reservations NOW. The terrific food and relaxing atmosphere will make you want to linger and with the small number of tables it's best to plan far in advance. 

5. Inn at Phillips Mill: (New Hope): A mainstay of Bucks County fine dining the Inn at Phillips Mill is a beautiful 18th century barn with low ceilings, candlelight and a warm and inviting fireplace. In the spring and summer the terrace or outdoor seating amid the flowers make you feel like you are enjoying a lovely dinner in France. 


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